Thursday, March 27, 2008

dumpster divin', well, not really

Um, hi Lucy. Did you just want to say hello to everyone out there in the blogosphere? Show them how cute you are and how big your teeth are? Were you wanting to give everyone a big kiss? With your polka-dot tongue?

Oh, you're just jealous that I was outside and not taking pictures of you! I was trying to take pictures of the cool treasure I found yesterday at the curb. I love taking pictures of you, Lucy, but I was wanting to show everyone the cool jug I came across.
Thanks for moving, Lucy. We can see the jug now. How did I find it? I noticed that our neighbors had a pile of trash at the curb that had a sign on it. I know you can't read, Lucy, I'm trying to tell you. It said "Free, Take all or Some." In the middle of the pile were two metal jugs, about 2 feet tall. Stay out of the way... now we can see that this can has words on it. It says "Clover Cry, Inc, Roanoke, VA."
What's Clover Cry? Well, Lucy, it was a dairy in Roanoke and these are milk jugs. How do I know? Google. Yes, I looked it up on that thing that I am always touching that has the glowing box on it. What's Google? Um, Luce, I don't have that kinda time. Let me talk to the people for a moment, ok?

Seriously, my neighbors put this pile out yesterday and my MIL and I went over and looked at it. She took the other jug, which had off-white paint on it, and I grabbed this one. I liked the words on the outside. I'm sure that once I clean it off and spiff it up it will make one handy-dandy, uhhhh? A great big... Hmmm. A tall vase maybe. We'll see what happens.

A cool find if I ever saw one! Better than the $3 eggs from the other day. Free is the best price!

Oh, any ideas, send em on! Lucy is dying to know.


Sniz said...

Wow, post a picture when you decide what to do with this! You wrote this post so much fun to read. You're such a fun person, Sissy!

Jennifer P. said...

What treasure! I have yet to find anything of value on the curb!

I've seen people upholster the tops of these and use them like stools, or put a round of glass or wood on them and use them like a table. But a vase would be great too :)!

Hunny Bee May said...

It could hold umbrellas, or be a planter, or hold fireplace tools, or...omigosh, so many ideas! I think it looks neat just how it is. Maybe a good washing, but I personally like that old, worn out look.

Rebekah said...

In the trash!? What a lucky find for you. I would love to have some cans like these.

Yes, post a picture when you come up with design idea for them.
(a-hem. if you cant figure anything out, you can send them my way)

Heather said...

Oh, how I love a good, free treasure. There are so many things you can do with an old milk jug, but at this time of year my favorite is to put some great big colorful silk daisies in them.

Shannon said...

I don't know how big the opening is but it would be cute inside your front or back door holding umbrellas.