Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring is in the air

I have been away from my blog for several days and I have missed you all. I was out of town and dealing with more employment issues, so I wasn't really in the best mindset to post anything. I do want to thank you all for your prayers and advice. It means a lot that people I don't even know would be offering wisdom, support and an extra shout to the Lord. Thanks Debbie for the Casting Crowns song (Praise Him in this Storm)! I have been playing it for days on my iPod and praising His name.

But let's move on from all that sadness to happier thoughts. In Greensboro it is starting to look more like spring and the trees are telling their story. Each March/April this town is blanketed with blossoms from trees, bushes, and flowers that are in full bloom. I love it. It is the best time of year to live here, well, except if you have allergies. I do not, and go all over town and take pictures. This one was taken with my new camera, and I love it.

I used my Macro lens and captured this shot. I love it, did I say that?

I guess spring brings with it an atmosphere of change. Out with the old and in with the new. Easter is certainly about resurrection and renewal. About leaving it all at the cross and becoming a new creature in Him. This year especially, I am laying it down and leaving it all behind me. I am giving all my worries to Him and trusting Him to give me peace and comfort. I can emerge from my bud with pearly new petals and an aroma that is pleasing.

Thanks for thinking of me and checking back to see how I'm doing. I promise some fun posts soon! But if you're going through anything that is breaking you down, like I am, I encourage you to check out Casting Crowns and that song. It will lift you up and allow your spirit to soar. It has given me many moments of peace and release.

And Emily is gonna give me coffee.


Hunny Bee May said...

Thanks for the chiro advice, Sissy. I'm feeling better so I guess it's a decision I can put off again until I'm hurting again. Terrific logic, right.
I love your pics. It's still wintery ickiness up here in Chicago, so pretty spring flowers are just what I needed to see!
I thought of something else to say about your earlier post. I remember the story in the Bible where Jesus is asked why the blind man was born blind. Was it he or his parents who sinned. Jesus said it was neither, but that the power of God could be revealed. I think he meant that first of all, neither sinned so there was nothing either of them could have done or not to done to cause the problem. It just was. They had no say in it. Well, except to ask Jesus to heal him, which He did.
Sometimes we face overwhelming obstacles. Things we cannot change no matter how much we want to. Things that just simply are not fair, but are what they are. I've had those for sure. Sometimes God's plan isn't A, B, or C. Sometimes it's E with a little bit of G and Z and a smuge of Q thrown in for good measure and it all works out in a variety of circumstances that could only be by God's handiwork.
I applaud your surrender. You will not be defeated.
I love reading your blog, so just keep sharing.
Wish I was in Greensboro! -Melissa

Sniz said...

Hey girl,

Hang in there. I struggle all the time. I trust that Jesus made me and that he loves me the way I am.

Sniz said...

Hey, there's an award for you at my place. Come pick it up anytime!

Heather said...

Sweet Sissy, I've missed you!! I love your pretty spring picture. We're still very brown and cold here, so enjoy those blooms for me.

I also love the imagery you've painted in this post. It IS a time to renew our thoughts and clean out the cobwebs, so to speak. I love that.

Jennifer P. said...

Fall and Spring--one gives me a chance to wind down, the other to rev up. What a perfect world was created for us!

So glad you're going forth with faith. Love you pretty pink blossom too.

Debbie said...

Hi Sissy! I am so glad that song speeaks to you. When I first posted it, I did think of you, but I am glad that the LORD LED YOU TO IT. Not me. Aren't we all just chomping at the bit for Spring! I know I am. I have had a taste of it while here in Dallas, and I want more when I go back to Virginia! Happy Easter!