Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tuesdays haven't been the same

They left with a goodbye and a stop at Luke's and my week just hasn't been the same since. It just seems wrong that these girls are gone. Here are the reasons why I loved them....

  • I always wanted a sister and that is what Lorelai and Rory were, really. There were small mother/daughter moments thrown in, but mostly they were sisters and best friends.
  • They had such an immense knowledge of books, music and pop culture. Now granted, I know that was the writers, but the GG were constantly referencing something. It could have been a headline, or it could have been from 3000 BC, but it was certainly entertaining.
  • I want a "Luke's." I want Luke. Seriously, didn't that food always look good?

  • I want to live in Stars Hollow. What a sweet, crazy town. They were always having such neat festivals and events around the gazebo and I wanted to take part.
  • The GG always talked so fast. The dialogue went back and forth at a lightning pace and if you missed a minute, you might not know what was going on. One day I marathoned about 12 episodes and later when my husband came home I could not talk at a normal pace. He thought I was on Speed, but nope, just GG.
  • Rory and Lorelai had real problems. Abandonment issues stemming from the Senior Gilmores and the disappearance of a father from a girl's life. Those hurts bled over into their relationships and lives, affecting them and their partners. Luke got it. Jess got it, but too little, too late. Logan did not get it. Neither did Max or Jason. Who knows what Dean understood, since he got married way to young and cheated on his wife.
  • I want a friend like Sookie. I think I have a acquaintance like Paris, and I might need to give her back! I could use someone like Lane.
  • They made me laugh. Some episodes made me cry. The last one was a tear jerker, and I cried as Richard and Emily finally gave Lorelai some well-earned credit for Rory's upbringing. Thank you for that, writers.

On Tuesdays now I am usually reading a book. I have no idea what else is on and I haven't explored in awhile. I am still in mourning. The GG was like a comfortable pair of slippers that fit just right. Maybe I see a little of myself in them. The kookiness I can certainly relate to. I am surrounded by an interesting cast of characters everyday, and it might make for mildy entertaining TV, but I don't have a guy from France or a man who carved me a hupa.

Maybe the larger lesson from GG is that family is what you make it. If the blood is tad tainted, turn to those around you and keep on going. Surround yourself with love and laughter and a little beauty. Learn. Try. Come back better than you left. Leave a place better than you found it. Feel. Cry. Build. Grow together.

Share a little love for the Gilmore Girls and leave a comment. Why did you love them? Who drove you crazy? Did you cry when they said goodbye? Luke or Christopher? Logan or Jess? Come on, I am dyin' to know!


Debbie said...

Oh I wish I could play along, but I've never watched the Gilmore Girls. My sister is a big fan. I will have to ask her about it. I watched Dawson's Creek via Netflix last year...I never watched the show when it was on, but caught it on Noggin one sleepless night and was hooked enough to join Netflix so I could see the series all the way through. Gotta love guilty pleasures!

Hunny Bee May said...

We loved GG. And I say 'we' because my husband (though he will never admit it) loved it too. HE TAPED IT OVER OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!
He claims it was for me, and an accident but I know he liked it as much as I did. Tuesdays definitely are not the same. So sad to see a great show go.

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My china is Lenox Opal Innocence. I've been married almost 4 years and just used them for the first time last Thanksgiving. Its sad. :) PS I love the Gilmore Girls!

Alison said...

My mom got me hooked on the Gilmore Girls. I didn't start watching until season 4, I think...but thanks to ABC Family reruns, I've seen them all. More than a few times.
I love Lauren Graham. She so deserved some attention from the Emmys because her acting is fabulous. Her facial expressions said so much, even when she wasn't talking (which wasn't too often!). I *wish* I could say the same for Alexis Bledel, but I never found her to be as great of an actress. But still, together, they made a great team.
I always enjoyed the complicated relationship Lorelei had with her parents. Again, Lauren Graham was able to convey so much through her facial expressions and you could see the pain and hurt...and sometimes joy when she was with them.

I love Luke. Everyone needs a Luke.
And Paris. She stole every scene she as ever in.

Sigh. You're right...Tuesdays just aren't the same anymore.

Marc Cauthon said...

Sorry to say, I've never seen the show. Maybe it's because I'm a guy....seemed like a girl show.

Heather said...

Oh, I want to play too but I never watched GG. You're making want to, though. Maybe I can find it on DVD somewhere.

If I lived closer, I'd bring them to your house and you could watch them with me and fill me in.

emily said...

I really miss those girls, too. That final episode with the rain and the music and the's just too much. I now watch Heroes and I secretly wonder if it is solely because of Milo Ventimiglia.I think it might be. I always wanted Jess to be the one.

Sissy said...

Points to Emily for spelling Milo's last name!

blessedme said...

We are GG lovers here. My hubby and I absolutely adore that show. I wish I lived in Stars Hollow, that would just be so awesome.