Tuesday, March 25, 2008

fun with Mom

I grabbed a box of Easter Egg colors so that my husband and I could dye eggs. I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together, but with so much going on with church (where he works) he wasn't going to be home Saturday, so my Mom and I dyed them. The kit came with all this stuff, like stickers and egg wraps, but I was just interested in the dye. Although, I'm not exactly sure why they included brown dye. That doesn't really seem like a pastel Easter color, but who am I to argue?
We started with 11 eggs. The one that is pulled aside I cracked really badly when cooking them.
I had to buy vinegar for this project, since I don't normally have any around. I think it is funny that the vinegar bottle actually has Easter Eggs on it! That helped me know which one to get, so thank you, Heinz!
Here is my egg in the green dye. The one thing we did use that came with the eggs was the Magic Crayon. I think I understand the magic, but it is hard to use. Come on, a white crayon on a white egg? A little difficult to draw...hence...
My Mom's Easter Bunny! So cute, huh? Might actually scare little kids since it HAS NO ARMS! But what do you expect when you can't see what you are drawing?
Here is my bunny. It is a little better, but still looks mean, rather than cute. With this egg, I tried to use the purple dye, but it came out all splotchy, so I put it in the blue. It seemed to help it.
Our grand egg collection! We put names on the eggs with the crayon and I drew a tulip on the green one. All in all, it was pretty fun. My Mom was teasing Charlie that she was going to hide them for him to find, but she never did. We made a tasty egg salad out of them and will be having sandwiches all week!


Heather said...

I couldn't agree more about the white crayon thing. Very frustrating. Your eggs turned out so pretty despite armless, angry bunnies.

Debbie said...

Seriously, what's Easter without coloring eggs...no matter how old you are!

Alison said...

Looks like you guys had fun.
Caroline and I colored eggs too. Well, she helped mix up the colors, but a friend came to the door looking to play, so she left me to color the eggs alone.
Oh well...I had fun, nonetheless.

I planned on making egg salad with our eggs, but Craig left our mustard in the refrigerator at work, and he MUST have mustard in his egg salad. So, we've been eating plain old hard boiled eggs instead.

Rebekah said...

I didnt brave dying eggs this year. Im sure the girls wont let me get away with that next year.