Friday, March 21, 2008

welcome mom

My mom is coming tomorrow and I have been working on the guest room all week. Mom lives in Florida and is coming to visit and look for condos. She is retiring in the summer and wants to move up here to live near us.
Here we are last time we came and I made my gourmet chicken pizza. It was yummy, and we had a great time.

I love my mom. She is awesome. I learn so much from her. She is such a great example of a Christian woman and I love that she sends me Bible verses and books to read. In my struggles lately, I know that woman has been wearing out her knees for me.

My mom is funny, but I never realized it until my dad died.

My mom loves me with a fierceness I have never known anywhere else.

My mom has a backbone of steel. Don't mess with Momma.

My mom picked herself up off the floor when my dad died and showed us all how to grieve gracefully and move on.

My mom is a neat freak.

My mom crafts like no one I know. She sews, scrapbooks, quilts, arranges flowers, crochets and makes anything her little heart desires. She made my veil when I got married.

I love her so much. She is like the glue in our family.

Tell me about your mom.


Alison said...

I like your mom too!
She really is a neat lady and I'm so happy that she's moving closer to you.

I like my mom too.
Even though she's embarrassed me in her books on several occasions and once told the mom of the boy I liked that I had a crush on her son. Total humiliation.

We're not super close, but she has taught me a lot over the years. Mostly frivolous things like 20 ways to top a baked potato, how to properly eat a cupcake (the bottom first!) the importance of finding the perfect coffee mug and keeping a stash of "emergency chocolate" in the pantry. I developed her love for shopping and bargain hunting...and her obsession with making the bed daily and organizing clothes in the closet by color.
She takes full blame for the neuroticness she's created in me!

But on a more serious side, she has always administered the perfect balance of compassion and tough love.
I've always been a worrier and even as a child she was armed and ready with many a Bible verse encouraging me to trust God.
I wish I could say that I always do, but nevertheless I'll definitely remember her constant encouragement.
That and how she taught me to be nice to people, even if I didn't like them much. Including Rachel, the girl who bullied me in 2nd grade.

All in all our relationship is pretty shallow. We talk about food and shopping and tv. But that's how it works with us. I never want to burden her with my problems...or cause her any extra worry. She worries enough about my sister.

Anyway, you said you wanted us to tell you about our moms, so there it is.

Jennifer P. said...

Well, you just read about my mom on my blog--but I'll add that she was the kind of woman who always called waiters and grocery clerks by their first names, who wrote weekly letters to all her elderly aunts, and who pitched tents for the grandkids to sleep in in the living room--then slept there with them. She really was my best friend.

Please enjoy your time with your mom. Laugh and smile a whole bunch. Happy Easter too!

Rebekah said...

My mom and Dad lived in FL. A year after my dad died, my mom retired and moved to TN. Our family is spread out and TN was in the middle.

Hope you two have a great visit

Greg said...

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Heather said...

Your mom sounds amazing!

Sniz said...

My mom is the most selfless, Godly woman I know. Lots of hard things have happened and are still happening in her life, but she is always peaceful and serene because she walks with God minute by minute like no one else I know.
What a blessing to have a mom like that. (Both of us! :-))