Saturday, April 25, 2009

the butler did it

I babysat my nephew Harrison a couple of weeks ago and we had lots of fun. It was actually the day after we found out about the baby, and I had him for the whole day. It was so funny, because I wanted to be able to run around and do baby stuff and talk on the phone and tell people, and I was babysitting.

Which I don't normally do. I am not usually the person called on to babysit. There is probably a reason for that, but this post isn't about that.

Harrison is a really good baby, though. He is 15 months old and has a very happy disposition. He likes to ride in the car and he loves Nilla Wafers and goldfish and likes to rip up paper. You never really know what kids like to do. They find some really simple things and make them magical.

Case in point, he discovered our butler's door. (A butler's door is one that swings on a spring back and forth.) It is one of the quirky things about our house that we really like. It divides our kitchen from our dining room, and it is really quite odd. You typically only see them in older, more expensive homes, where they actually have servants. Why there is one in our 1800 square foot home, I will never know, but there is and he loved it. We usually just keep it open, since we walk through it all the time, but Harrison loves to shut doors. Except he realized this one he could shut, and then walk up to it and push it through. Then he would turn around and push it shut again, and then walk through to the other side. Now, before you start thinking me a bad aunt for letting him play with it, let me say that it does not swing back and hit you in the face. The spring load is pretty tight, so that when it swings past the middle point, it quickly comes back to rest at the middle point with really no bounce. But to a child, who hasn't ever seen a door that can go 180 degrees, he thought it was the best thing ever. Each time he would close it, he would giggle as it swung. So cute.

It entertained him for quite some time.

No, he didn't want to watch the video his mom sent. No, he didn't want to take a nap. No, he didn't want to play with his toys. He wanted to swing my butler's door. And I happily sat there and watched him do it.

Um, maybe this is the reason I don't get asked to babysit. I did nothing educational. I didn't take him for a walk. Ok, let's not dwell on this.

Oh, yes, I'll be sure to link back to this post when our baby discovers the joys of that door. When she ignores all the toys she has and entertains herself with the door. I'll think back to this and smile.


Frizzy said...

This is an awesome post because I get to see how you'll be as a mom. It's amazing that you'll help your child use their imagination to learn through repetitive play. That's what kids are supposed to do. One of Yaya's favorite things to do is rip paper. I'll have to show her how to throw it into the air to make snow. She'll love that! I bet your child and nephew will too. He's a cutie patootie!

Alison said...

You can spend zillions of dollars on educational toys, but kids really would rather play with boxes, measuring cups and toilet paper rolls. I've always had so much fun watching Caroline and her friends create things and be entertained by such simple, basic items.
It's fun watching little minds work.
Do you have ceiling fans?
If you do, your baby will be quite entertained by them.

It just goes to show that you don't have to spend copious amounts of money on the latest, greatest baby items.

Talking to your child and letting them explore is much more valuable.
In my opinion, anyway.

Enjoy your Sunday!

PS--expect a package in a day or two. =)

Scrapper Mom said...

girl.. you just better get ready!! you're in for a wild ride! haha.. (but nothing like it in the world)