Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a peek at the nursery

The whole inspiration for the nursery came from this recliner that I inherited from my Dad. My dad used to rock me in this chair when I was younger, and when he died I claimed it for my own. In fact, about three weeks before he passed away my Dad and I sat in this chair and I cried and said goodbye.

I kept it to be the rocker in my future baby's room, knowing that turquoise would go with either boy or girl. I wanted it to be the legacy from baby's grandpa, so I could rock my child and tell stories about a man they will only know through that chair.

I chose this dresser years ago when I chose furniture for our guest room. I was thinking that I might want to use it in a nursery some day, so I chose something that would grow with our child. We do have a few more things to hang on the wall over the dresser, but I think it looks cute so far.

Yes, I know it's a little princessy, but I love the gauzy curtains I hung above the crib. I found some scrapbook paper and created the canvas above the bed with a quote from Shakespeare (to sleep, perchance to dream.) We're going to put up letters under the canvas once we bring baby girl home and she has a name. The paisley towel on the back of the crib is what my mom is using to make the bumper pads. It's acutally a beach towel that I found at TJMaxx a couple of years ago and never actually used at the beach.

There are shelves sitting in the crib in this shot, and a little elephant that I found somewhere. I did get a white crib skirt with pink paisley embroidered on it from Pottery Barn Kids and that is on the bottom.
We have some clothes, diapers, wipes, the carseat, the stroller, some bottles, a couple cans of formula and diaper bags ready to go. We don't have tons of things, and we have registered for other things, and we're going to a MOPS sale this weekend.
Now, if I can just get some sleep before baby comes, I'll be doing good.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

it looks wonderful. so exciting!

Em said...

Beautiful! I love the blanket on the back of the crib. It looks like a very comfortable, welcoming nest. :)

Kristen said...

Sooo cute! Can't wait to see a little baby in there! I am so excited for you both!! Looking forward to hanging out on Friday! kkp

Frizzy said...

You'll never believe this but I bought Yaya that same elephant before we ever even knew about her. Did you get it at a place like Cost Plus World Market? That's where I got hers. It was so soft and snuggly I couldn't pass it up. Such a beautiful room my dear.

Caroline said...

Sissy, it looks so good...and so girly! I'm so excited for you all as you prepare to enter this new phase of life!

hunnybeemay said...

Okay, I should have hired you to decorate my nursery. It looks wonderful! Yeah!

Sounds like you're well prepared! Don't buy too much formula...they'll probably send you home with some from the hospital, as well as diapers and you want to see what she tolerates okay before you buy more. Generic of diapers and formula is really good...saves lot of $$$ too!

I'm so exicted for you! Also, totally being nosy here, but you haven't said what you plan to do about work. Absolutely none of business, just something all expectant moms get asked. Hope you'll forgive me for being nosy.

That baby is gonna be so blessed!

Anonymous said...

The nursery is absolutely beautiful. I love the quote you used. Her name will also fit right in there. Can't wait to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

Sissy, It looks so nice. I am so happy for you both. I will be looking forward to pictures as I can't be there just yet to meet her. Love from NJ. --Kristy =o)

Alison said...

Your nursery looks beautiful!

Yes, try to get some sleep...unless you have some sort of super sleeper baby, you probably won't see a full night of sleep for a long time.
That's the fun of being in the mom club. Where the view is always a little fuzzy.

Are you close to having a name?

Melissa said...

The nursery looks very pretty!