Saturday, April 18, 2009

where was McDreamy?

If you want to read about our meeting with the birthmother, click here.

If you want to read about my trip to the hospital, keep reading.

When I went for my checkup at the urologist several weeks ago, and I was so frustrated that I was not getting better, he suggested we do another test. One that would require them putting me to sleep for about 15 minutes so they could look up inside my bladder and stretch it out. I was not looking forward to it, as I was nervous about going to sleep, but I honestly didn't get a chance to think much about it with the adoption stuff going on.

Thursday morning came very quickly after all the hustle and bustle of Wednesday and the birthmother. We drove to the surgical center and I was quickly taken in to a ready room, where they gave me a gown and some grippy socks to wear. The room was small but had this really comfy recliner chair for me to sit in, and they brought me a heated blanket. I didn't have much time to get nervous, and they came in and put in my IV. My doctor came by for a brief hello and then they brought Charlie back to sit with me.

I already told you that the thing I was most nervous about was the anesthesgia. Well, when the anesthesiologist came by to introduce himself and talk to me, it turned out that he was the dad of one of my students. It made me feel better that he at least knew of me...that I wasn't just a random patient. I told him that he now had more incentive to make sure I woke up.

They gave me a hairnet, Charlie and I said a prayer, and then they walked me down the hall to the Operating Room. I had to climb up on this table and lay down, and let me tell you, I was waiting for McDreamy to come around the corner or something. There was no hot surgeon to wish me well and comfort me. I stretched out flat and they covered me with blankets and then put a mask over my face and I was out. The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room and the nurse asking if I was thirsty and wanted juice. I drank two cups of apple juice and they took me back to my recliner room. We waited there for a little bit while I woke up some more and then they released me to go home.

All in all, it wasn't a bad morning. I really don't remember all of it, but when I came home I curled up in my bed with some magazines and a book and slept on and off. I will say that if I hadn't had this test to make me sit at home on Thursday, I might not have gotten any kind of rest this week during break. This week went by too fast and school starts again in the morning.



Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed McDreamy, but I'm glad it was quick and painless. I read your other post and cried of course. I'm so happy that meeting "Vanessa" went well for you guys.
Love ya,

Alison said...

I firmly believe that McDreamy doctors should not be in the general vicinity of my nether regions. Women and old men doctors only, thankyouvermuch.

Nevertheless, I'm glad your procedure went well. Hopefully you'll find an effective treatment.

PS (and totally off topic) I couldn't find any Babysitters Club books at our library either. Caroline is probably too young for them, but I happened to be in the "M" section and took a peek. Sigh! Oh well, we're reading the Ramona Quimby books right now.