Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's a mad, mad world...

Here's what's happening in my world today:

Mess and chaos.

My washer and dryer are in my den.

My husband's power tools are in the dining room on a big shelf that goes in the laundry room.

My table is covered with boxes of new light fixtures.

My couch is shoved into the middle of the den, and I have a wall to sand and paint.

Last night I sat on the floor at 9pm and caulked around our new baseboards.

All the things that were in the "nursery" are in the hall and spare bedroom if they don't actually belong in the nursery.

I have a nursery. Whoa.

You can't see my kitchen countertops.

I have paint rollers in my fridge, but not much else.

Oh, and hey, the social worker comes next week to check us out and make sure our house is okay to bring a baby home to...

Yeah, there's no pressure at all.

Sigh, groan.

Put the laptop away and get to work.


Anonymous said...

Oh my you are busy bees. Let me know if I can help next week. Not sure when the social worker is coming...just let me know.
Love you,

Frizzy said...

I just want to give you peace of mind. The social worker is not there to INSPECT your cleanliness. She is there to inspect the safety of your home. If you have chemicals locked away, safety locks on doors etc. you'll be fine. IF you have a pool they'll want to be sure you have a security gate around it for childproofing. The other thins the social worker will address with you are all things you've already written in your paperwork. Ie. How you were raised. How you were disciplined. Do you want children. How have you dealt with infertility. Why did you choose to adopt. She'll interview you together and individually. That's what ours did anyway. She also looked briefly at the rooms in the house. If you have stairs you may want a baby gate at the top and bottom for safety too. RELAX when you can! Pretty soon you'll be up all night with feeding a new born! Enjoy the time you two have for yourselves! Trust me, it may be awhile before you're ready to let that little one out of your arms again. Enjoy each other now! Don't beat yourselves up getting the house ready for a baby who won't know it was or wasn't "perfect" the moment she arrived. You'll have time for all of that!

Anonymous said...

You'll get there. How exciting! -hunnybee

Anonymous said...

let me know if you need any help getting everything in order next week. i cant paint but i can hire someone! LOL! LOVE YOU!

Jennifer P. said...

oh oh oh oh oh!!!! I wish I could just HUG YOU!!! SO happy to see this happening for you!!!! Praying with you!

Linda Z said...

When are the pictures coming? :)