Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lend me your ear

Can I say that this week has been the longest week in a long time? Can I unload that on you? Can I tell you that I am so physically and emotionally exhausted and the baby isn't even mine yet?

Last week:
  • cleaned house
  • Easter Church service
  • attended Easter dinner at in-laws
  • got sick
  • painted den
  • still sick
  • met birthmother
  • met social worker the same day
  • still sick
  • had tests at hospital while sick
  • registered at Babies R Us
  • shopped for bridal shower
  • cleaned house more
  • finished and decorated nursery
  • still can't breathe
  • hosted mom and uncle for steak dinner
  • cleaned up some more, cause the social worker has to open closets
  • homestudy with social worker
  • attended bridal shower
  • cooked out with friends
  • worked info desk at church, both services

Collapsed. Slept through Sunday.

Monday morning. Not pretty. Had to wake up and got to work and get back into the swing of things. By 2 pm I was drooping at my desk and foraging for caffeine.

Went to bed at 8:45.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

you have been busy!

Anonymous said...

I hope things are better today after you have gotten some more sleep.
Love ya,

Frizzy said...

I'm exhausted reading all that you've been doing. Hang in there! It's all worth it! Once your baby is in your arms you'll forget everything you went through to prepare for her. Well...not everything but all the last minute chaoss anyway.