Saturday, April 4, 2009

Could I possibly have better news?

It happened.

On Friday.

We were chosen.

That sounds so weird to me. We were chosen! But we were and have been matched with a birthmom and baby and I can't even wrap my mind around it. Oh my. Breathe.

Let me back up and tell the story correctly.

I took my lunch break around 12:45 and got back to my desk a little before 1:30. I checked my cell phone and I had a message from Kelly at our adoption agency saying "I have a few questions for you, give me a call if you can." I called. Kelly filled me in on a few things: someone had donated a check for us, they had received most of our paperwork, they were waiting for clearance from the child molester registry, oh and she met with a birthmother that morning and she had selected us for her baby!

Way to just slip that right in!

I think I said, "that's cool." My mind was blank. It was completely empty. I was frozen to my chair as I listened to her say that the baby would be born in May and it is a little girl. In MAY.

Did you hear that, people? In May! In like, four weeks from now, and that's if she doesn't go early. Wow. In May.

Um, wow. Now, there are a million things to do. We have to finish up some paperwork and get our ducks in a row. We need baby things. We need a name. We need prayer, cause, remember, this is an adoption and anything can happen.

Whoa, pinch me.

Let me just take a moment and thank my Savior, who has watched over this baby and is placing her in my hands. Let's take a moment and thank this birthmom, who could have made a very different choice. Let's thank our adoption agency for doing what they do everyday.

Now, proceed to do the happy dance. Oh, and start sending me your hand-me-downs. I'm gonna need em!
(ps. this is the same post as on the adoption good I posted it twice!)


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh. My. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!1


Lots and lots of prayers that things go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous news with me. I am so happy for you and Charlie. It seems surreal that you will be a mom in about a month and a half. Oh my! It is just so great. I can't wait to go shopping for girl stuff. See you soon.
Love ya,

Bird, Frizzy and Yaya said...

Yippy Yippy Yippy! I am soooo excited for you! I can't believe your little one could be with you as soon as May! You're going to have a girl? FOR SURE?! You will never believe the joy she'll bring into your life. I know I never did no matter how hard I prayed for a baby. NOTHING COMPARES TO THE REALITY OF HOLDING YOUR CHILD IN YOUR ARMS! GOD IS SOOOOO GREAT!

Kat said...

Oh wow...Sissy...that is just amazing news. I wanted you to know that you have lots of prayers coming your way.!

Linda Z said...

Wohoooo!!! I'm so thankful and excited for you! It's going to be an amazing adventure!! :)

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i'm so glad you posted it here! that is the best news. and so fast!!! i'm so excited for you and i can't wait till it all unfolds.

Holly said...

We are so thrilled for all of you--enjoy preparing for your baby girl! You are in our thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Sissy that is great news!!! Praying everything goes smoothly! Keep us up to date!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...



melissa said...

WOW!!!!! that is soooo awesome, girl!!! will so be covering you all in prayer!! i know that you can't wait to see that little GIRL!!!!! WHOOOHOOO!

Sarah said...

Yeah, Sissy this is wonderful, wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! You have my prayers!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Take it day by day and step by step. Please know that you will be prayed for during this time. Enjoy every moment. I am looking forward to the rest of your story. Doing a little dance for you!!

stefanie said...


Mommy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!! I'm just coming off cloud 9 also. We got the call exactly one week (and one hour) before you! We are going to CHINA! I can't wait to meet this precious one God chose for you. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or Him be the GLORY!


Anonymous said...

God bless y'all. Praying hard.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! What wonderful and exciting news...I have goosebumps! God is so awesome and amazing!!! He has had his hand on this from the beginning and he knew just what you needed and when you needed it! Once you surrendered to Him he provided! I am so excited for you! Such exciting times in the near future for you. Thank you for putting all of this on your blog and being so open! I have enjoyed reading about your story so much. I will keep you, Charlie, the birthmom and so many others in my prayers. Enjoy this special time!

Tamera said...

Rejoicing with you!!!!

Tamera in Missouri

Jana said...

Wow! Yay! Congratulations!! I'll be praying everything goes smoothly and there are no problems! Very exciting news!

hunnybeemay said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! big congrats!!!!

Melissa Lee said...


You would be hard pressed to find anyone in this whole bloggy atmosphere more FREAKIN' THRILLED than I am at this moment.

I think of you so very much and this just makes my heart sing, you have no idea.

Please keep us posted on every single detail. And I would love to be a help to you in any way possible.

God is good. Oh, yes, He is.

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Biteofpunkinpie said...

Fantastic news!!!!! I'm praying for ALL of you. What names are you all thinking about?

Karrie said...

Congratulations, Momma!!!!
So... SOOOO wonderful!!!

Karrie in IN