Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 things I love

1. I love when modern teen movies are based on Shakespeare. If you haven't seen 10 things I hate about you or She's the Man, then you need to. The former is based on the play Taming of the Shrew, and the latter on Twelfth Night.

2. I love sarcasm and movies with quick dialogue with pop culture references.

3. Music with mood appropriate soundtracks. Both of these movies have awesome soundtracks.

4. Heath Ledger. Gone too soon. This was still one of my favorite performances from him. He was scary and almost unidentifiable in Batman, and charming in Cassanova, but this movie really speaks to me. I love the character he plays, and when he sings on the football field, it's movie magic.

5. "Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?" Cause the dialogue is so well written. I know it's based on Shakespeare, and many of the lines are direct modernizations of the original, but the delivery is impressive as well.

6. Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum are one charming pair. Let's face it, Channing Tatum is hot (and recently married) and he spends half of this movie with his shirt off. The scene in this movie where Viola as Sebastian fends off women in the diner is one of my favorites.

7. Gag reels. All movies should have gag reels included on the Special Features. It just says something about the fact that actors are real people.

8. I like teen movies that have some sort of message, and these two certainly do. If you don't believe me, then watch them. They are definitely teen movies, but I like what they have to say about relationships. Be who you are. Make your own choices. Solve your own problems. If you have teenagers, it might scare you to see what's really out there going on with kids, but then again, you might need to see it.

9. Wherever they filmed 10 things was gorgeous. I know it is Seattle, but the building they use for the school is amazing. I wish my high school looked like that.

10. Movies. I love movies and have watched many this week, while getting stuff done. I think I've mentioned that we don't have the good cable (a problem that will be remedied soon) and I like to have voices in the background. I pop in a DVD and it's like instant company. And I get all sappy about a good love story.

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Anonymous said...

Both of those are great movies. I totally agree about Tatum and Heath...yummy! We should get together soon.
Miss you,