Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Meet Sammy. He's my buddy. He's who I curl up with at night because he fits nicely in the crook of my arm. He has beanies in his butt and a kissable nose.

He's who I cuddle up with when I'm sad. Charlie gives me hugs and kisses, but when I'm still crying and in need of comfort twenty minutes later, he hands me Sammy.

Sammy was a gift from Emily. She knew I needed a friend (this was back when I was still single) and she was leaving for the summer, so she brought me Sammy.

Emily was blogging about how we hold on to things, and Sammy, like any stuffed animal, is something I should have let go of long ago. But somehow all my tears feel better when Sammy is there. When we lost the adoption, Sammy was my buddy, my friend, my secret confidant.

All day long I am a big girl, wearing my big girl pants, running my life and getting things done. I'm an adult, I work, I feed myself and pay my bills. But when I'm sad, Sammy is always there, quietly listening.

It may be silly or sad or pathetic, but Sammy won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Any other animal lovers out there?


Frizzy said...

I still sleep with a pillow my aunt gave me when I was in elementary school. HONEST! My husband is awesome but that pillow is my little security blanket and I honestly can't sleep w/o it under my arm. I even took it to Europe with us. I'm sooooo with you my dear!

Anonymous said...

I have Squishy the Elephant. My Dad gave him to me when I was in college and I slept with him up till when I got married. And sometimes he finds his way back into my arms, if my husband is gone at night. He's great for a snuggle.

Dawn said...

and i have a snowy white polar bear. maybe as a girl, we will always need that squishy bit of love only someone with beans in their butt can give!

Hunnybee said...

Me. I slept with a teddy bear lots of times even after I was married. it was just comfortable. He has beans in his bum too! He doesn't sleep with me anymore, but I still usually 'hug' a pillow at night when I sleep. It must be a girl thing!