Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm so fancy, yes, I am

One of the places I planned to go while we were in New York was Mood Fabrics. Now, if you don't care about fabric, then this post isn't for you. But if you like fabric, or you love Project Runway, then keep reading.

I love Project Runway, and I am in mourning since we turned off our cable. If you don't know that show, let me break it down for you. Sixteen designers are brought in and given challenges and assigned a model. For example, make an gown for this year's Miss America contestant (who usually ends up being a guest judge.) They give the designers a time limit and a budget, and send them out to a fabric store: Mood. The sew whatever they design and then put it on their model to walk the runway. It gets judged and then someone gets sent home.

I was excited to to go there. I mean, down here in NC we have some great fabric stores cause we're in the furniture capital, but this one has the celebrity quotient to it. I also found it neat because it's on two floors of a huge building, and you can't see it from the street. It took a minute to find.

They had the most special of fabrics, some of which I hadn't ever seen before and some really beautiful things. I spent most of my time in the home fabrics section, looking at fabric for some curtains for my new den windows. I wandered around, lost in thought, while Charlie went around and took some pictures.

See here how I am holding a cup? I was in a hurry to finish my smoothie because I was certain drinks wouldn't be allowed, but the cool people at Mood didn't care. I finished it at my leisure.

What I hold in this bag was quite the splurge, but I loved what I ended up with. And I can't show you yet, because I want to post about the big reveal when I actually get them sewed. And yes, I am going to sew them. I am copying something I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog years ago. And, brave me, I bought fabric without measuring the size of the windows. I know, the Nester would berate me for not having my color swatches and measurements in hand, but it's a mistreatment, so I'll pull it together by the seat of my pants.

It was a happy little diversion. I mean, there weren't any celebrities there, just miles and miles of fabric. No, I didn't get to meet Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn, but it was just a pop culture thing to do. That's what we discovered about ourselves: we like pop culture. Wait til I post about the NBC store...sheesh. That was fun.

The owner did have a little bulldog that was wandering around, and his name was Swatch, which was cute. He gave me a little kiss, which was sweet since I missed my puppies by then. I asked if they sold t-shirts, and they do not. They need to get on that.

Okay, end of boring fabric store story. Aufedersein.


Frizzy said...

You know, I don't think it would have ever occured to me to look for stores I've seen on some of my favorite shows. You are one smart cookie. Can't wait to see your new curtains/mistreatments.

The Nester said...

Love, LOVE Project Runway. And I cannot understand how they can pick out such great fabric so quickly!

What a fun trip! Lucky.

You are so cool with your Mood bag!

Caroline said...

WOW! I had to go back and read all the NYC posts. Looks like you all had a great time! Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up with those fancy schmancy fabrics!