Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mom is in the house

Charlie and I are loading up the car tonight and leaving first thing in the morning for NYC! I am very excited about all the movie stars I will meet while there (not.) I am taking the laptop, so I should be able to blog while I am there and will be reporting all things interesting, and some not so interesting.

Anyway, I wish you all a Happy 4th. I wish you burgers and chips and a great onion dip. I wish you lemonade and strawberries and a kiss under sparklers. I wish you no mosquitos, a sprinkler to run through and cool weather.

And while we're away, my mom is coming to stay with the grand dogs. Phoebe and Lucy love their Gramma and are looking forward to her visit. Today we showed Mom how to use the Mac and she loved it. She may not be able to get to her email, but she thought the computer was pretty!


Anonymous said...

Sissy & Charlie,
Enjoy your trip. Have a happy anniversary. Be safe.
Love ya,

Alison said...

Mmm, onion dip.

Have a great time in NYC!

Craig's friend took his girlfriend to NYC for a weekend a year or so ago and they ran into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They were eating dinner at The Waldorf Astoria and Brad Pitt accidently bumped into Craig's friend. Brad said, "sorry, man" and patted him on the arm.

I can't wait to read all about your trip.

Jennifer P. said...

have a FABULOUS time! It's loud there! :)

Gave you a shout out in my blog today, and continue to pray for you!

Frizzy said...

Happy Anniversary my dear friend. Have a wonderful time on your trip. Wish we could meet you for dinner with a few stars. Ahhhhh! Sounds fabulous!

Hunnybee said...

Have fun fun fun!!!!

Lula! said...

NYC in the summertime. Awesome. Have FUN!!!!!

p.s. Are you going to stalk the set of Remember Me? You are, aren't you? If so, please play it cool. And take plenty of Rob pics for me. Amen.