Wednesday, July 8, 2009

big apple, part deux

One of our stops on the first day was FAO Schwartz. Charlie loved the life-size Lego creations they have (this one is Chewbacca.) We asked the concierge about them and he said that the Lego company made them especially for the store. They also had a Batman and the Harry Potter kids, but I think this one looks the best. We watched people play on the piano from Big, and thought that was fun.

We took the Staten Island Ferry to, well, Staten Island, but we really only took the ferry to ride past the Statue of Liberty. It was cool to see the city skyline over the water. It also makes me think I should not wear this shirt anymore, after seeing pictures of myself in it. Could I look more pregnant? (I'm not, just to be sure.)

Times Square was fun and overwhelming and crowded with way too many tourists. One night we just needed to walk through to get back to our bus stop and I wanted to elbow about eight people who weren't watching where they were going, but were just looking up at all the lights. I bet real New Yorkers stay away from there unless absolutely necessary. The billboards are huge and eye catching, and my eye was drawn to these Target billboards. The funny thing about this is that NYC does not have any Targets. So sad for them.

This is the ABC news studio where they film Good Morning America, I think. I do love the way the bands of the screen bend around the building. I will say the architecture in NYC is amazing. So many different kinds of buildings, all mixed together so well. There are modern buildings and historical places and places you see in movies, and it blends nicely. I will say, I have been to London and it does not mix together as elegantly as NYC. Maybe it's because their modern architecture is just so, well, ugly. And their historical buildings are just so amazing, and so much older than anything we have in the states. Houses built late in the 20th century are square blocks of ungraceful brick. Yuck. (ok, enough on that.)

The next post will include our 4th of July and the Yankees game we attended. I promise.


Alison said...

You should have elbowed those eight people; they might have thought you were a real New Yorker.
Last Friday at the gym, I was watching one of the morning shows (Today Show, I think) and I kept thinking that maybe you and Charlie would appear in the crowd.

Looks like you had tons of fun!

Kat said...

I am loving your New York diary! I have never been...and I want to do all the touristy things...including gawking at the lights in Times Square.