Thursday, July 9, 2009

happy anniversary, Charlie

We each picked a special thing that we wanted to do while we were in New York. Charlie chose to get tickets to a Yankees game and he was really excited about it, especially since this was the first year in the new stadium. The Yankees were playing the Toronto Blue Jays that day.

Our seats were in the top tier, but we had the front row so we had a great view. I am not the biggest baseball fan, but I knew it would be cool to actually be at a game, and I did have fun cheering for the Yankees.

The new stadium is really nice. I loved the way it was decorated, with the large banners of the players. On the reverse side was black and white pictures of famous former players. We arrived early so we could shop a little at the souvenir store and pick out a few things. Our anniversary is on July 10th and Charlie's birthday is on July 30th, so I wanted him to pick out something for his birthday gift. We saw several really cool jackets, but everything was soooo expensive. He ended up getting a hat and I got a t-shirt with sparkly silver writing. You know I love sparkles.

We stopped on one of the lower tiers and took pictures of the field from another angle. The view from behind home plate made me think that baseball might be more fun if we could afford more expensive tickets.

See how happy he looks? It was such a thrill for him to be there among all the fans and have an authentic baseball experience. When we rode the subway up to the stadium, there were so many people dressed in Yankee blue we didn't even need to worry about where to get off. When all the people in Yankee t-shirts got up, we got up too. So easy.

The game was at lunchtime and so we decided to get something to eat. That was a very pricey decision. We ordered one double cheeseburger, a small fry, a water and a Pepsi in a collectible cup and that equaled $28. We shared.

There were 46,000 people in attendance that day, so we decided to leave halfway through the ninth inning, in order to avoid the crowds. The game ended up going into extra innings, but the Yankees won 6 to 5.

All in all, a great day. I ended up a little sunburned on my shoulders, but a little sunburn was worth the experience. We rode the subway back and got off at Columbus Circle, wandered around a little bit and found a diner to eat dinner. We went back to the hotel after that and watched the fireworks from our hotel room. We turned the special on tv so we could hear the music from the fireworks, but we had a great view from our window, since we faced the Hudson river. My pictures weren't that great, but it was a once in a lifetime experience to watch NYC fireworks and actually be there.

Happy Anniversary, Charlie. Glad you had a good time!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you got to see a game in the new stadium. It looked like a great day. Happy Early Anniversary.

Kat said...

How fun to see a Yankees game - in NYC! My husband would be all about planning a vacation around seeing as many baseball games as possible. Do they allow you to bring outside food/drink into the stadium? They do here for Braves balances out the high cost of the tickets.

Sissy said...

No, they made me throw out the water bottle I had in my bag, and I had to buy a new one.

Alison said...

How awesome!
The only time I've ever been to Yankee Stadium was in utero. I'm sure you had a better time...and a better view! It's a shame that the food cost so much.

I think I have that same green tank top you're wearing in the picture.

Scrapper Mom said...

wow...sissy. it looks like ya'll had a blast. we only had one day so we were very rushed and obviously didn't get to see everything. i loved all your pictures. i still haven't posted any of philly or dc yet...what am i waiting on? lol.

thanks for sharing.

Lula! said...

$28 for what would be about a $5 meal at McD's? Outrageous. But, I guess part of the fun is having the WHOLE experience. Expensive meal and all.

I went to the old Yankee stadium. And thumbed my nose at it, being a hardcore Braves fan and all. HA!

OK, I'm going to keep reading...cause eventually you're going to tell us that you met Robert Pattinson while in NYC. Right?