Thursday, February 14, 2008

ahhh, time to breathe

Well, this is what the world looks like out my window this morning! We got an unexpected and unforcasted 3 or 4 inches of snow. I love snow in North Carolina. What I mean to say is, I love the reaction to snow in North Carolina. Everything gets shut down. Schools, churches, businesses all close their doors on a day like today. Which is why I am home writing this post...SNOW DAY!!! I got the call early this morning and went back to bed. An extra couple hours of sleep and a day off are just what the doctored ordered. Bliss. A world of white; so clean and untouched. I love the world when it looks like this.

For any of you Yankees that are laughing right now, please know that I am not a snow chicken. My husband and I still go out in weather like this and we enjoy ourselves. I lived in Alaska for 8 years as a child and we went to school in 3 feet of snow....much less 3 inches. We took our sleds with us! But here in NC, we just don't get that much, and it is nice to have a day off to enjoy it. I think God gives us these snow days when we just can't handle much more. It is a collective blessing that He bestows on our town.

This is my backyard. Do you see my little birdbath? Well, birds never use it anymore after my dog caught one and ate it! She stood there with little bird feet in her mouth and had a snack. Trip to the vet was that lucky hunter's reward.

Thought I would include with this post a shot of me and my mother-in-law with the new twins. I am on the left, with the curly hair and Judy is on the right. I am holding Payden, who was sleeping so nicely the entire time. Judy has Cheyenne, who was being a little more fussy.

Katie was really out of it when we went to visit. They still had her on several drips and she was still in some pain from the C section. Charlie does not hold new born babies, so there aren't any pics of the hubby with the twins. He says that their heads wobble and he will hold them when they are his own children. I guess that is something to be thankful for.

Well, today is Valentine's Day, so I am relaxing and then my sweetie is taking me out for the night. I hope everyone enjoys their day, whether it is romantic or not. My day started out perfectly, with a blanket of white. My wish for you all is that today will bring you the same sense of satisfaction that I was brought with 3 inches of snow. Find a good book (I made some suggestions yesterday) a good movie, or a good friend and let today be about filling our hearts with joy, wherever it may come from.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Heather said...

The snow is so pretty with the pink sky! It's snowing here right now too. Our schools are just delayed, though. No snow day for us. Your snow will probably be melted off by tomorrow. Ours tends to stick around until June. Ugh. It IS pretty when it's so pristine looking.

Enjoy your day off and night out. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ann said...

I envy the extra hours in bed for you this lucky and what I wouldnt give, but, work it is ! I live 16 miles to the south of Cambridge and 50 miles from central london in a very small village called Ickleton ( google in Ickleton and I believe you will see pics of the village) my family have lived in the same village for generations all farmers, arable and sheep farming. My eldest daughter was due to be based in North Carolina (her hubby USAF) but has subsequently been told Tucson Arizona and they leave in July this year. So we aim to go over for Christmas this year which will be fab. I will aim to post some pics of Ickleton this weekend to give you an idea of my little village. ps Enjoy Valentines Day

Alison said...

Enjoy your snow day!
I'm sure we'll have plenty of those next year in Virginia.
I hope you stay warm and enjoy this relaxing day.
Have fun tonight!