Saturday, February 23, 2008

here's to you, Miss Sniz!

One of the comments on my last post was from a new blogger friend, Miss Sniz. She commented that she wasn't brave enough to use red paint because it was going to stretch into another room. I had that dilemma too, and this is how I solved it. See photo!
When we did our kitchen we decided to knock out a wall. The kitchen was really dark and small and was not open to anything else. By taking the wall out, it brought a lot more light into the room, gave us additional cabinet and counter space, and opened up the kitchen into the den. I do not like to feel alone when I cook, so having people hanging out in the den while I am in the kitchen is great. But the problem of having one paint color was an issue. It was also weird how the new molding in the kitchen was going to meet up with the old crown molding in the den. So I picked out a plinth block and that it what divides the two rooms. I taped off the red from the terra cotta colored paint in the other room and that is the result. A fancy decorator person might tell you that it is against the rules, but I didn't want red everywhere. Again, it is my house and I have to live there, right?

Below are two shots that I took with my new camera. The hubby and I shopped for something a little more powerful than the camera we had. I was still using my 35mm SLR camera and it was time to get into the digital age, I guess. We took the camera out today to test it and see if I like the way it shoot. We walked around in our local Battleground Park and took our dog Lucy with us. This shot is one of a little brook that runs through the park. Again, I love trees.

Let me introduce you to the side of Lucy's face. Isn't she sweet? This picture looks like she has no eyes, but she would not turn and look at me. She was being stubborn. She really is a cute dog as witnessed by the puppy picture below.

Don't you just love that face? When we first brought her home she drove me NUTS. Oh, I wanted to give her back. She wimpered all the time and peed on my brand new Pottery Barn duvet cover! I was so mad. But then I figured God was just getting me ready for babies. I am sure they will do worse.
Well, thanks to everyone who came to my kitchen and sent your compliments. I thought you would enjoy my reasoning process when it came to picking out certain things and I am blessed that you did not think I was crazy for choosing some of the things. If you get a chance, check out Miss Sniz and some of the others on my sidebar. I think they make for entertaining reading.


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog the other day for a visit. Your dog is so the puppy picture. Have fun with your new camera!

Heather said...

Oh that's brilliant!! I would've never thought to divide the paint with one of those little blocks. It's perfect.

And Lucy is perfect too. Even from the side, she looks happy to be out amongst the trees.

Sniz said...

Yeah, I thought about doing something like that. I have a friend who put up a wide, fluted piece of molding all the way from the ceiling to the floor to divide the room. Your's looks good. I hadn't thought about a plinth block. It looks crisp and clean. Have you repainted the white molding recently? That color in the living room looks more like a yellow-tan (like the color of those clothes they use to buff cars) than terra cotta, which I picture as more burnt orange/red, like dried red clay, you know? Was it was how it translates on blogger or are the colors pretty true? Does that make sense? I love the color pictured, whatever the story! We are probably going to repaint now that we have the sectional, and I am trying to decide between brown/coffee tones or more of a light color like you have there. And I still haven't decided if I want to have the kitchen red that flows into the living room. I know we could cut it off, but I kinda like the largeness of it all, you know? And dark red along the whole back wall of the house might be kinda neat. Our biggest wall in our old living room was painted the same red as your kitchen and we loved it! I want to tile our backsplash while we're at it, but I know Mr. Shumway won't go for the expense on top of all the paint and the work...I have to take it a little at a time. Sigh.

My Goodness said...

I love how you divided the colors!! And it is your house and you are woman, ROAR!!
Great job!

Your new camera rocks, good for you!

Anonymous said...

LUCY LU!!! i miss being able to play with the dogs. darn baby is messing everything up!! oh well!

Ann said...

Great shots with your new camera, looks like youve got some fantastic scenery and a a very photogenic doggy, I hope you have as much fun with your camera as I do with mine, it can become addictive, where ever I go I have camera bag tripod etc I look like a pack, I even arrange family days out to places that will offer me some good scenery and subjects (ssshh they have'nt discovered this yet) so be warned...... :-)