Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome babies!

Let's take a moment to welcome the newest members of the family! My sister-in-law Katie delivered twins yesterday! Her husband, Chad, is Charlie's brother.

Meet James Payden! He was 6lbs, 5oz and was actually born second, a minute behind his sister!He has such a sweet those little lips. He will go by Payden, which is a name they got from an old tv show, but I cannot remember what it is.

Meet Cheyenne Leigh! She was 6lbs, 6oz and she was the reason for the C-section. She has been laying sideways for months and would not turn! She must have been pretty comfy. Cheyenne was hard to name...they couldn't think of what sounded good with Cheyenne, since it was so special.

To add a little more to the story for you...both of my sisters-in-law were pregnant this year. Charlie's parents got three grandchildren in the space of three months. Harrison James was born in December to Craig and Christal (Charlie's other brother and wife). Can you tell we like the name "James" in this family? And "C" names? So the family now has babies, which should be interesting as we have been a group of adults for a long time.

Hopefully, Charlie and I will be able to add to the group soon. It would be nice to have them all around the same age so that they can play together at Nana and Poppy's. Charlie's parents are all set up to babysit. They have a swing, a pack-n-play and a mini-van to tote them around!

Welcome to the family, kids!
***Check out the comment page for a fun little contest inspired by emily's comment and let's see who can be most creative...


emily said...

So sweet! Welcome little ones! I know you will have fun "aunting" them. It's sweet to remember the days of the newborn twins...but not so much that I'd like to relive them thankyouverymuch. I can't wait to see how you and Charlie incorporate the "James" and the "c" into the names of your babies...

Sissy said...

Um, let's see...

A prize to the best (or worst) "C" name to get posted!

Think 'em up and post 'em quick while I find a prize to send to the winner. Post them by Monday and I will pick a winner.

Heather said...

Oh, I can almost smell their little newborn heads. I have to agree with Emily, though. They're so sweet, but I DO NOT envy the new parents those sleepless nights. I have had some of my most embarrassing moments happen when I was so tired from being up with the girls all night.

I love, love, love, family traditions like the James and the "C" into everyone's names.

I could go on and on for girls: Chloe, Camille, Corinne, Coral (I love old names)

I think boys are harder, but given our recent book oriented conversations: James Cullen, Cade, Camden

Alison said...

Congratulations Aunt Sissy!

Babies are so much fun. I hope your sister in law has a quick recovery. Right now she needs all the rest she can get to get ready for the whirlwind of diapers and feedings that are to come.

"C" names.

Well, I've got a Craig and Caroline so those are first on my list.

Good "C" names: Catherine, Caleb, Christian, Connor, Carter, Cooper, Cassidy,

Questionable "C" names: Charmaine, Chico, Chester, Carmine, Coco, Chantrelle, Chandelle, Candi, Charlemagne, Champaign, Chablis, Charity, Chastity

That's all I've got for now.

Coco Chablis Silver and Chico James Silver have a nice ring to them!


emily said...


I know, we're in the South and maybe that's not ok. But I just love Charlotte. I wish that was my name.

I also like Claire. Almost named one of mine that.

And I have no C boy names. The ONLY boy name we could think of that we liked was Luke. Good thing we only have one boy.

Alison said...

Oooh, ditto on Charlotte! That is a beautiful name.

If I had to have another, I would definitely consider it for a little girl.

Ann said...

They really are the cutest, but soooooo much work we have 5 from 26 and youngest is 11 so I remember so well sleepless nights, and the lonely hours breast feeding while my man is sleeping aaaargh !!!
Anyway a C name for you from this side of the pond could be best or worst.
Boys. Campbell Connor Casey (James goes fine with these gaelic/celtic names)
Girls. Caitlin Clarinda Cosima and Clarissa.

Ann said...

we have a Charlotte louise, Sophie,
Sarah, Reuben and Harriet, and yes my hair is starting ot go grey

Pea Pod Mommy said...

Got to the blog via Hunneybee~
Pics of babies brought tears to my eyes. I am a mother of two year old boy/girl twins! I remember those first few moments when I met them!!! Read my blog to see more pics of them!