Wednesday, February 6, 2008

only 7 shopping days left...

Another confession: I love Valentine's Day now that I am married. I hated it when I was single. All my relationships prior to my husband, and there weren't many, never fell over February. Each year the day would pass. Each year I would get cards from my parents. From friends. From students. Our group of women would get together and celebrate our bitterness. We were left out and we did not like it. I enviously watched other girls recieve flowers and presents and were wisked away for a night on the town. I wanted to be one of those girls; someone cherished and adored and wisked away.

When I got engaged at the end of January and looked forward into the next month and spied the big Valentine's Day on the calendar...I was excited. My first holiday with a boyfriend, a fiance no less. I had the diamond and I was looking forward to all the things I had been missing before. This year was my year. My year to make up for all the other years that I had sat on the couch watching You've got Mail ( I love Tom Hanks).

You might think I am building all this up, and then nothing happened. That was not the case. My day was wonderful! My sweetie had things delivered to me all day...breakfast, a cd, some flowers, a book and then met me later for dinner. There was a card and poem with each gift and I was touched with how much work Charlie put in to it. It was an amazing day.

Valentine's Day isn't the same for everyone, I know. Some think it is cheesy, and maybe it is. Others might call it created by Hallmark, and it could be. All I know is that my husband knows me, and knows what my heart longs I am so sappy and I am blessed that he gets it and goes along with it.

I look around sometimes and think I am a woman with nothing to contribute, nothing to offer. But I offered this man my heart and he takes good care of it. I think I need harps playing in the background here, huh?

I would be curious to know if anyone else feels strongly about the 14th. Anyone have any special traditions they would like to share (PG, of course)? Comment away, my friends. Even if you hate the day, I would like to hear that too.


Hunny Bee May said...

I think it is wonderful you got a perfect Valentine's day. My experience was similar...nothing til I met my guy and we were engaged. For the first time I got to be THAT girl. The one who got envied for the flowers in front of my dorm room, the dates, etc...
I'm definitely going to add your blog to my to-read list.
Thanks for visiting mine! Happy couponing!

Alison said...

I'm glad that you have a thoughtful husband who loves to endulge your every sappy desire! I remember when you hated Valentine's Day, so this post makes my heart happy for you.

Of course, I also had a great giggle about this blog entry because yesterday I was in the car thinking that maybe this year Craig and I wouldn't even exchange cards. Call me the anti-sap.

I happen to love romantic-comedies where the girl (or guy) gets the guy (or girl) in the end. I smile for the happy couple and think love is grand, however, I've never strived to attain that type of romance in my own life. I'd probably just giggle.

I told Craig he's pretty lucky that I have no expectations on Valentine's Day. He's the type of guy that *would* endulge my every sappy Valentine's Day desire if I wanted him to, but since I don't, he's just as happy to be off the hook.
I worked in retail at a jewelry counter a while ago, and the late rush of clueless husbands at 6pm on Valentine's Day cracked me up.
If their wives only knew how little effort they put into the day.

Even though I don't want roses or love letters on Valentine's day, I can't say that I don't like to be reminded of how wonderful I am (hee-hee). I'm easy to please, so when Craig brings me home a cold Diet Pepsi on a day when I'm particularly stressed out, I feel as lucky as a diamond clad, chocolate hart holding, drippy poem reading girl on Valentine's Day.

Ann said...

Well....Valentines is big over here in the Uk, and my eldest daughter who(by another spooky coincedence) is married to an a lovely young man from Ohio, is due to deliver their 1st baby around then, this is so great and we are so blessed, but they are moving out of the UK (as he is USAF ) and they are going to live in Tuscon Arizona, which is so cool but is so heartbreaking for me she as always lived near apart from her 4 years at University in London, we will be flying out there for a month at Christmas time, so I will look forward to that, as for me I think a lovely Candle-lit supper and roses for Valentines day....Hopefully lol